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Enbedded Array
0.25um Enbedded array BU30E Family
0.35um Enbedded array BU35E Family
0.18um Cell Base IC BU40S Family
0.25um Cell Base IC BU30S Family
0.35um Cell Base IC BU35S Family
Asic Core Library
Memory IC Line Up
EEPROM Application Products
IC2 Bus
Micro Wire Bus
Micro Wire Bus (125C type)
3 Wire Serial ( Direct Connection Serial Port )
EEPROM Application Products
Memories for personal computer
Montior for personal computer
Non-Volatile Electronic Potentiometer
Memory Backup IC
Memory reset IC
Standard Linear
Operational amplifier
Operational amplifier with input multiplexer
Serial in/Parallel out driver
tuning D/A Converter
IrDA Interface IC
IrDAinfrared Communication Modules
Remote Control Receiver Modules
PRM 5500 series
PRM 7100 series
PRM 7200 Series
LSI- Standard Logic
Coms Logic Bu4s Series
Coms Logic Bu4000B Series
Standard analog switch
Low drop-out 1A Regulator with 3-terminal
Low drop-out 1A Regulator with shut down function
Low input/output low drop-out 0.5A regulator
Low input/output low drop-out 1A regulator
Low input/output low drop-out 1.5A regulator
Low input/output low drop-out 2A regulator
Super small high tolerance CMOS low drop-out regulator
Low drop-out regulator with small surface mounted package
Low drop-out regulator with NRCS (Soft-start) function
Variable output regulator
Low drop-out positive/negative output regulator
Variable output voltage negative output regulator
Low drop-out NPN output seriers regulator
Low drop-out NMOS series regulator controller
DDR-SDRAM termination regulator
2-output regulator
Standard 78 series 3-terminal regulator
Standard 78M series 3-terminal regulator
System regulator
     Audio series
     Car audio series
Switching regulator
DC-AC Inverter Control C
TFT-LCD for regulator
Reference voltage IC for TFT-LCD y correction
General purpose regulator modules
     AC/DC converter (Power modules)
     2 outputs AC-DC converter (Power modules)
     Isolation type AC-DC converter (Power modules)
     Step-down DC/DC controller (Power modules)
     Step-down 2 variable outputs DC/DC converter
     (Power modules)
     Step-down DC/DC converter (Power modules)
     Large current output DC/DC converter (Power modules)
     Step-up DC/DC converter (Power modules)
     High efficiency switching-type motor driver (Power modules)
Regulator with back-up function
Lithium ion battery IC
     Lithium ion battery charger IC
     Lithium ion battery protection IC
     High-side current detection amplifier
High voltage low current consumption MOS regulator
High input voltage high output current monolithic step-down switching regulator
System switching regulator for car navigation TFT monitor
Voltage detectors
Voltage detectors line up
Watchdog timer Reset Ics
Bipolar voltage detectors (Standard type)
CMOS voltage detector (Standard type)
CMOS voltage detectors (Low voltage detect series)
CMOS voltage detectors with external C delay circuit
CMOS voltage detectors with external C delay circuit (Low voltage detect series)
CMOS voltage detectors with counter timer
Watchdog timer Reset Ics
Display Drivers
LCD driver
     LCD driver (Single chip controller driver)
     Pulse driver for LCD drive
     LCD driver (Segment driver)
     Graphic monochrome LCD driver
     Graphic colour LCD driver
EL driver
FL driver
Motor Drivers
DC motor driver
    Reverseible DC motor driver for one motor
    Reverseible DC motor driver for two motor
    Reverseible DC motor driver for electronic governor
DCD-ROM/RW/DVD spindle motor driver
Lens motor driver for digital still camera
MD driver
MO driver
FDD spindle motor driver
Camcorder motor driver
    Capstan+cylinder+loading motor driver
    Three-phase full-wave motor driver for captstan
VCR motor driver
    Two-phase full-wave motor driver for cylinder
    Capstan+loading motor driver
    Three-phase full-wave motor driver for cylinder
    Three-phase full-wave senserless motor driver for cylinder
    Three-phase full-wave motor driver for capstan
Fan motor driver
    Single phase full-wave motor driver
    Two-phase half-wave motor driver
    Two-phase half-wave motor driver
     (Zenner Supply Voltage type)
    Three-phase full-wave motor driver
Stepping motor driver
General-purpose three-phase brushless motor driver
    Sensor type
    Sensorless type
Printer motor driver
    LBP Paper feed
    Stepping motor driver
Optical Dics
Block diagram of application-CD system
Block diagram of typical DVD player system
Block diagram of CD-R/RW drive system
CD-R/RW system LSI
RF amp
CD mircocontroller+DSP
CD mircocontroller
Optical disc accessories
    Tuning D/A converter
    Shock-proof RAM controller
    Post amplifier
    Headphone amplifier for CD-ROM
    Peripheral IC of CD-ROM/DVD
    Peripheral IC of portable CD player
    For MD recording head coil driver
    Laser diodes driver
    High frequency modulation IC for DVD
Motor/Actuator driver
    Loading motor driver
    Spindle motor driver
    CD/CD-ROM/DVD driver (1ch - 3ch)
    CD/CD-ROM/DVD driver (4ch)
    CD/CD-ROM/DVD driver (4ch) (continued from previous page)
    CD/CD-ROM/DVD driver (5ch , 6ch)
    Combo driver
Magnetic Disks
Custom USB FDD System On Chip
Custom USB Three in one chip
FDD spindle motor driver
FDD stepping motor driver
Photo-interrupter for FDD track "00" sensor
HDD signal processor IC for shock sensor
For personal computer
    Clock Generator for PC
    High side switch series for usb
    Power management switch for Express Card TM
    Power management switch
    SCSI active terminator
    Signal processor IC for Shock sensor
    Thermal sensor controller
    LCD controller
    Fanmotor detector
    General purpose I/O ports (GPIO)
    Tuning D/A converter
    Battery voltage detector for notebook computer
For monitor
    Memories for personal computer
    Monitor input selector switch
    Sync separation/sync judgement IC for monitor
    Monitors for personal computer
Inverter control Ics for piezo-transfomer
Multimedia audio
    Audio D/A converter (Resistor string)
    Speaker/headphone amplifiers for notebook computer
    Audio driver for portable equipment
    Audio path with 16bit codec
    Wireless audio link IC
Multimedia video
    Video signal D/A converter
    Digital NTSC/PAL encoder
    Analog NTSC/PAL encoder
    Clock generator for DVD
    High -precision Clock generator for DVD
    Multi PLL System for DVD
    Clock generator for DSC
    Compact clock generator series for DSC
    General purpose VCO(TV,PC monitor,
    LCD monitor,CD-RW,DVD-RW etc.)
    SYNC separation IC
    On-screen display
    VCA for video signal
    75 driver
    KARAOKE echo key control/Surround system
    Vocal fader for KARAOKE
AV switches
    VCR signal selection switches
    Video/audio signal selection switches
Block diagram of typical mobile phone application
RF signal processing of portable application
    FM tuner IC
    IF for radio communication
    PLL frequency synthesizer for radio communication
    PLL frequency synthesizer for mobile phone
Wireless audio link IC
PCM codec
ADPCM transcorder
Melody sound source LSI for mobile phone
Multimedia Image processor for mobile phone
Digital Video encorder for mobile phone
Ir-remote control fomatter LSI for mobile phone
DC/DC converter for LCD backlight
FLASH LED Management IC
LED management Ics for mobile phone
System power supply Ics for mobile phone
DC/DC converter for mobile phone
Super small high tolerance CMOS low drop-out regulator
Negative power supply Ics for mobile phone
Audio driver Ics for mobile phone
    Ultra small 75 driver
Power Supply Ics for 1-cell drive portable appliance
    Analog single chip ICS
16bit D/A audio Path
USB/UART interface
Power supply for CCD device
Block diagram of typical telephone application
ICS for telephone
    Pulse tone dialer
    DTMF receiver
    Tone decoder
    Call progress tone decoder
    Speech network
    Tone ringer
    Simulated inductance
    Cross point mixer
    Panel interface
    Single chip sound circuit for FAX
    Scanner engine




Block diagram of typical CD radio cassete recorder with MD system
Radio frequency signal processing
    Front end
    Tuner system
    FM tuner IC
    PLL frequency synthesizer
    Wireless audio link IC
Pre amplifier/Line amplifier
    Pre amplifier
    Line amplifier
Headphone stereo amplifier
    Headphone amplifier
    Prepower amplifier for headphone stereo
    Prepower governer for headphone stereo
    Recording IC for headphone stereo
Bass boost system
Power amplifier
High definition processor (BBE)
Graphic equalizer
    IC for graphic equalizer
    Preset graphic equalizer
    Band-pass filter for spectrum analyzer
Sound processor/Electronic volume
    Sound processor for car audio
    Sound processor for TV
    Sound processor for home audio
    Sound processor for home theater AV receiver
    Electronic volume
Audio interface
Car audio accessories
    Grand isolation amplifier for car audio
    Dynamic swing amp for car audio
    High voltage head switch
    Mute detector
Block diagram of typical digital still camera system
For television
    Sound processor for TV
For DSC (Digitial Still Camera)/DVC (Digitial Video Camera)
    Mircophone amplifier for DVC (Digitial Video Camera)
    On-screen display
    Tuning D/A converter
    Audio Path eith Stereo 16bit codec
    LD driver
    75 driver
For DVD recorder
    Sound processor for home theater AV receiver
    Audio I/O
    Viedo signal input/output interface
    Video driver with built-in filter
LSI Assembly
CSP package
QFP package
OFN package
SOP package
TO/SIP package
DIP package
ZIP package
Product Designation
Packaging Specification
Power Modules
Transformerless AC/DC Converter
Step-down DC/DC Converter
Step-up DC/DC Converter
High efficiency switching-type motor driver
Custom Modules
CMOS Camera Modules
CMOS Camera Modules with 100,000 pixels
CMOS Camera Modules with 300,000 pixels
CMOS Camera Modules with 1.3 million pixels
Contact Image Sensor Heads
IA-FA/FB Series, Multi Functional Color Image Sensor Heads
IA-CA Series, Multi Functional Color Image Sensor Heads
IA-MB Series, Multi Functional Monochrome Image Sensor Heads
IA-ME/CE Series image sensor heads for narrow-width scanners
IA-MB Series Monochrome image sensor heads for FAX
KF20**-GH/GR Series for FAX
KF2002-GF70 Series, KF1502-CT20 Series for ECR
FKF200*-GH Series for ECR
KF200*-GP10/GF50 Series for Mobile, Debit Card, EFT-POS
KF200*-GF80,90,KF300*-GF11 Deries for Mobile, Debit Card, EFT-POS
KF200*-GR Series for POS, LABEL
KF200*-GK Series for POS, LABEL
KF200*-,300*-GD Series for ATM, KIOSK, Ticket
KF200*-,300*-GL Series for Barcode, Scale
KF200*-,300*-GM Series for Barcode, Scale
NF200*-,300*-VA Series for Barcode
NE200*-,300*-VA Series for Plastic card
NE3002-GV Series for Plastic card
NE3104-VC Series for photo color printers
NE3004-VC20 Series for photo color printers
Photo Link Modules
IrDA interface IC
IrDA infrared communication modules
Remote control receiver modules
RPM5500 series
RPM7100 series
RPM7200 series
Packaging Specifications
    Linear Phototransistor output
    Digitial Phototransistor output
Reflective Photosensors (Photoreflector)
Infrared Light Emitting Diodes
LCD Displays
TN/STN Panels (Customized)
COG Modules (Customized and General Purpose)
Large Display Unit (General Purpose)
LED Displays
LED Numeric Displays
    Single Digit LED Numeric Displays (Surface Mount Type)
    Single Digit LED Numeric Displays
    Two Digit LED Numeric Displays
    Three Digit LED Numeric Displays
LED Dot Matrix Displays
    Single Color Dot Matrix Displays (Order-based production)
    Dual Color Dot Matrix Displays (Order-based production)
LED Dot Matrix Units
    16 x 16 Dots Matrix Units
    16 x 32 Dots Matrix Units
    24 x 24 Dots Matrix Units
    24 x 48 Dots Matrix Units
    24 x 72 Dots Matrix Units
LED Backlight Modules
LED Lamps
Surface Mount LED Lamps
    Quick Reference
    Package (External dimensions)
    Packaging Specifications
    Product Designation
Conventional LED Lamps
    Quick Reference
    Package (External dimensions)
    Packaging Specifications
    Product Designation
Laser Diodes
For DVD, DVD-ROM, General
    For DVD, DVD-ROM
    For DVD, DVD-ROM, Sensor, Barcode reader
For DVD recording
    For DEV R/ RW/-RAM
    For CD Player
    For Mini-Disc Player
For CD recording
    For CD-R/RW
For Printer, General
    For Laser Printer
    For Sensor
General Packaging Specifications
    Small Signal MOS FET Series
    Power MOS FET Series
Bipolar Transistors (Surface mounted type)
Bipolar Transistors (Leaded type)
Complex Bipolar Transistors
Digital Transistors
Complex Digital Transistors
Product Designation
Schottky Barrier Diodes
    Surface mount small signal type (Io<0.5A)
    Surface mount rectifier type (Io 0.5A)
    High effciency & high reliablility surface mount type RSX series (Io 0.5A)
    Power type
    Leaded small signal type (Io<0.5A)
Fast Recovery diodes
Rectifier Diodes
    General purpose rectifier diode
    High-speed rectifier diode
Zener Diodes (Include TVS)
    2 Terminal (Single) Zener Diodes
    Zener arrays (2-4 elements) for Terminal Protection Devices
    Low Capacitance Zener Diodes
    ESD Protection Device (TVS)
High Frequency Diodes
    Band switching diodes
    Pin diodes
    Detection schottky diodes
Switching Diodes
    Surface mounting type
    Leaded type
JEDEC Standard & Euro Standard Diodes
    Surface mounting type
    Leaded type
Package & Packaging Specifications
IC Protectors
Surface Mounting Type (ICP-S Series)
Leaded Type (ICP-N Series)
Tantalum Caps.
TC SERIES: Chip tantlum capacitors (Standard type)
    M case (1608 size)
    P case (2012 size)
    A case (3216 size)
TCT SERIES:Chip tanalum capacitors (CSP Package)
    P case (2012 size)
    AL case (3216 Low profile size)
TCO SERIES:Chip tantalum capacitors (Conductive polymer type)
    A case (3216 size)
TCFG SERIES:Chip tantalum capacitors (with built-in open function)
    P case (2012 size)
    A case (3216 size)
    B case (3528 size)
    C case (6032 size)
    D case (7343 size)
Ceramic Caps.
0402(01005) size chip capacitor : MCH02
0603(0201) size chip capacitor : MCH03
1005(0402) size chip capacitor : MCH15
1608(0603) size chip capacitor : MCH18
2012(0805) size chip capacitor : MCH21
3216(1206) size chip capacitor : MCH31
3225(1210) size chip capacitor : MCH32
4532(1812) size chip capacitor : MCH43
5750(2220) size chip capacitor : MCH55
1608(0603)X4 size chip capacitor networks : MNA14
1005(0402)X2 size chip capacitor networks : MNA02
Size 1005(0201) rectangular chip resistors:MCR006
Size 3216(1206) rectangular chip resistors:MCR18
Precision rectangular chip resistors:MCR01, etc
High precision thin film resistors:MHR01/MHR03
Rectangular chip resistors, Low ohmic resistors:MCR10, etc
Ultra low ohmic resistors for current detection:PMR100, etc
Endured surge chip resistors:ESR10, etc
Endured high voltage chip resistors:KTR10, etc
Size 1005(0402) multiple ultraminiature chip resistor netoworks : MNR02, etc
8 elements in a miniature chip resistor network : MNR15, etc
1010 Chip type attenuator ( type) : RCN02
Chip trimmer potentiometers : MVR22, etc
Standards nominal resistance values, etc